We are excited to partner with you for your secondary educational experience in the beautiful Northwest region of the U.S., for an outstanding leadership training experience, or for a top-tier university experience at one of our partner universities across the U.S.

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About Northwest Student Services

  • The vision of NWSS is for program participants to become strong, capable leaders in an increasingly complex global society.
  • The mission of NWSS is to provide quality, safe cross-cultural and educational experiences that will impart important leadership skills to international students aged 12-25 years.
  • We recognize that strong student leaders participate in a variety of experiences.
  • We understand the value of international, cross-cultural experiences in the development of strong, capable leaders.
  • We operate with integrity in every facet of our programs.
  • We understand the need for a safe, secure program.
  • We offer superior support for international students and their families in their quest to study and succeed in private Oregon secondary schools and eight top-tier U.S. universities.
  • We honor the parents of our students by supporting their children as if they were our own; and, we value the trust parents extend in allowing their children to participate in our programs.
  • We only work with host families who are known by NWSS, or who are well known to the local school community of your chosen school.
  • We only work with high quality private schools that are committed to student success.
  • We have been working internationally with teachers and students since 1992!

Our mailing address P.O. Box 667 Corvallis, Oregon, USA 97330.
Phone: 541-760-2027
Email: info@nwstudentservices.com